A Sad Day
“A huge mistake we make is forgetting that one day we will die. We think that we are going to live forever. I always say life is a little like a garden. There is a time to plant, then a time you have to weed. Just think about people you’ve deeply cared for. And then think of the people you wish you’d spent more time with. I always say this: Live, love

These are the articles that caught our eye this week.
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CHANEL: Video The One That I Want

Move over Angelina, make way for a new, beautifully villiainous, Maleficent, the self proclaimed “Mistress of all evil!”  So many years have passed, since a wicked wind threw Maleficent, uninvited, upon the christening of the innocent Princess Aurora.  Her heinous, heartless spell cast on to the young girl, created the long slumbering Kingdom of Sleeping Beauty.  You will love this dangerously flattering costume, that begins with a perfect Nicole Miller gown, to wear in  endless ways.  This version takes

One of our favorite themes for Halloween is Día de Muertos or The Day of the Dead.  It is a a Mexican holiday observed around the world, that coincides with Halloween and All Souls Day, when people gather to remember and honor those friends and family who have passed on to the other side.  We had a ball shopping for two grave-worthy ensembles with otherworldly  elements to make your costume gorgeously ghastly. We are loving the temporary tatoos, to create

What to be for Halloween?   There, there darling girl, dry those tears for your dearly departed, devoured lover, a Black Widow simply  must carry on!   “The animals most at risk from the black widow’s bite are male black widow spiders. Females kill and eat their counterparts after mating in a macabre behavior that gave the insect its name.  To feed, black widows puncture their insect prey with their fangs and administer digestive enzymes

My girls have gone back to school and I miss them already.  To boost my spirits I am headed to the Windy City for a fun time with close friends. We plan to have lunch at the first Ralph Lauren restaurant . . . aptly named RL. For dinner, I love the old classic Shaw’s Crab House. And for entertainment we are headed to Second City for what is sure to be a very

Sniff, sniff.  He may be gone, but #2 shall never be forgotten by New Yorkers and lovers of baseball everywhere.   Brilliant to his last game at Yankee Stadium, where fan flocked to see the end of a ground breaking career.  Too many accolades to mention, but what we will remember is his professionalism and his leadership of the Yankees. “He respects and has certainly done his part to maintain the integrity of the game

Calling all cool girls!  Who does not want just a little isty, bitsy piece of Cara Delevingne?  ”Cara Delevingne is our Jennifer Lawrence of the fashion world. She’s does what she wants, and doesn’t care and that’s why DKNY have let her loose on her her own campaign.” Mirror UK   Brilliant of DKNY to partner with this model, actress, singer and girl-about-the world in a collection of casual wear.  We thought it would make a

Is there anything better than a shopping spree at Doubles, located at the center of the universe,  the Sherry Netherland Hotel at 60th and Fifth.   All the best luxury brands will be there, from Courtney Moss’s GlamourpussNYC, a one stop shopping for the most fun and fashionable fur pieces that solves the “what to wear all winter long”, to Claudia Overstrom and Betsy Pitt’s Eponymous Bags, featuring THE best Hobo of the season as

The 31st Annual Rita Hayworth Gala will be held Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at the Waldorf Astoria.  Princess Yasmin Aga Khan began this event in honor of her mother, actress Rita Hayworth, who died as a result of Alzheimer’s. Under the Princess’  leadership, over $61 million has been raised.  The evening will include a cocktail reception, three-course dinner, dancing, program, auction, and live music. This year’s deserving honorees, Mark Locks and the Kornfeld Family will